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Mushroom Piqueo

Latinos working in places I got to know a variety of snacks or tapas, as they like to call them, I tried to draw on both form and I stay with this Chopped Mushroom, and we will implement other tapas.


16 ounces Mushrooms fresh
16 ounces Shiitake
1 pc Portabello Mushroom
1 pound Italian Sausage
1 ounce Butter
2 tablespoons Olive Oil
1 can (14 oz.) Tomato Sauce
Salt and Pepper
1/4 bunch Chopped parsley
1 cup (12oz.) red wine
1/2 pc. Baguette bread, sliced and toasted


1. Cut the sausage into pieces
2. Mushroom variety cut into strips, and fourth segments
3. Place the frying pan and add the butter and oil
4. Add sausage and brown, add wine and reduce by half
5. Remove the sausage from the fire and save the background firing
6. Incorporate the substance of cooking Mushrooms
7. Add sausage and tomato sauce, cook over medium heat
8. Season with salt and sprinkle generously with chopped parsley
9. Serve with toasted baguette, I like the style Bruschetta
10. Pd .- This preparation can also be used for pasta, just add more sausage,
Credit: Foodista

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