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Father Charged with Murder of Infant who Left Son in 130-degree Car for Hours

Philadelphia PD Tuscarawas County Jail

On Friday, authorities said that an Ohio father has been accused in the death of his one-year-old kid who was left in a hot car for hours. The teenage father confessed that he had left the infant inside the car on purpose for five hours. Authorities also stated that the child had not been forgotten, and the act was deliberate.

According to a statement from New Philadelphia Police Chief Michael Goodwin, 19-year-old Landon Parrot brought his unconscious child Kyler to the Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital on Thursday. After the incident was reported to the police, Parrot allegedly provided inconsistent accounts of what transpired when speaking with authorities. Investigators contacted Parrot after gathering more data and evidence, and he admitted to officers what had occurred to his son, according to Goodwin.

At first, Parrott claimed to the police that the child had only been in the car briefly while he went to the bathroom. However, the child was left unattended in a car for five hours when it was 87 degrees outside. Parrott’s admission came only after police confronted him with evidence. According to Goodwin, Parrott also said that he was aware of the risks of leaving kids in hot automobiles, but he did not want to be disturbed. Vanessa, the mother of the kid, was at work when the event occurred.

In addition to two counts of endangering children, Parrot is accused of murder and voluntary manslaughter. He is being held in the Tuscarawas County Jail on a $250,000 bond. Additionally, a GoFundMe campaign has been created to assist the family in covering medical expenses.

A similar tragedy occurred on Tuesday in New Jersey when 2-year-old Adrianna LeChard was discovered unconscious after being locked in a car in 92-degree heat. A nearby hospital declared the toddler deceased.

According to, since 1998, almost 1,000 kids in the US have passed away from heatstroke after being left in cars. About half of those were brought on by the kid being unintentionally left in the car. 22 kids have already perished in overheated cars in 2022 alone.



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