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Former President Bush asks Congress to put aside “harsh rhetoric about immigration”


On Sunday, former President George W. Bush asked Congress to put aside its harsh rhetoric about immigration. He asked both sides to stop trying to score political points. Instead, he wanted them to adopt a respectful tone that may lead to reform. Bush was speaking to Norah O’Donnell on “CBS Sunday Morning.”


Bush’s remarks come at a time when the border is facing a huge influx of immigrants from Mexico leading to harsh exchanges for and against these immigrants in Congress. It also comes after he had penned a message in the op-ed on Friday which was published by the Washington Post. In this message he had called for bipartisan support for many immigration operations.



The former president has often highlighted the issue of immigration in his home state, Texas. He has praised America’s immigrant history. He had tried to bring immigrant reforms in his second term but did not succeed.


On Sunday, he also mentioned his disappointment that he had been unable to do more in terms of immigrant reforms when he was the President. When asked if he would lobby his party if President Biden put forth some of the reforms that Bush would have liked to bring in the former president said that he is lobbying right now but whether his party would listen to him or not was another question.


When asked about his book which is full of paintings of immigrants, Bush said that it did not change policy. He said that he is a “small voice” among those who are trying to bring in reforms.


He also said his upcoming book “Out of Many, One” is a way of hopefully creating a better understanding about the role of immigrants in American society. Bush added that his was just a small voice in what he hoped would be a chorus of people saying, “Let’s see if we can’t solve the problem.”

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