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Former president Bush recently expressed his current views on the GOP | cweb


Former president George W. Bush provided his views on The Dispatch Podcast where he mentioned that his party — the Republican Party, had the potential to win both the 2022 midterms as well as the next presidential elections if it returned to traditional values and eschewed the cause of “AngloSaxon Protestantism.”


Bush also said that he thought that the Republicans would have a second chance to govern because he believed that the Biden administration was a uniting factor “particularly on the fiscal side of things.” However, he reiterated that the GOP would not be victorious if they represented ideals that were tied to white supremacy.


He said that if the GOP stood for exclusivity — country clubs in the past and white Anglo-Saxon Protestantism in the present, then the party would not win anything. He was giving his opinion on whether he thought that the 2020 election was a stolen one and that the former president Donald Trump had won. On the podcast, Bush said that he did not believe that the election was stolen.



However, a poll that was conducted last month by Reuters and Ipsos reported that 60 percent of the Republicans believe that President Joe Biden won the polls due to widespread voter fraud. It also said that the Republicans wanted Trump to run in 2024.


John Greer, who is a public opinion expert at Vanderbilt University, told Reuters that Republicans have their own version of reality and that was a huge problem. He added that democracy required accountability and accountability required evidence.


Other Republicans believe that future elections will be won by the GOP and that would require help from Trump. One of the most loyal and pro-Trump Republicans Lindsey Graham told Politico that he would tell Trump that if they come in 2022, it would be because of his (Trump’s policies) but if they lost again in 2022, the narrative would continue that not only he lost the White House but the Republican Party was in a bad spot.



Another poll conducted by NBC last week showed that Republicans had more allegiance to the party rather than to the former President Trump. This would reiterate former President Bush’s narrative about the GOP returning to its traditional roots and not revolving around one person.


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