Impeachment wanes again as NY Assembly promises report on Governor Andrew  Cuomo


The impeachment inquiry into New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, leadership in the New York Assembly  will resume just after  Monday no stating that their study of the governor’s conduct will continue.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Charles Lavine, chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, reported in a  joint statement that the committee would review evidence it collected and end its inquiry with a final report.

Statement from Speaker Carl Heastie and Assembly Judiciary Chair Charles Lavine

The Assembly Judiciary Committee will continue to review evidence and issue a final report on its investigation of Governor Cuomo. In doing so, the committee will take all appropriate steps to ensure that this effort does not interfere with various ongoing investigations by the United States Attorney concerning nursing home data; the attorney general concerning the governor’s memoir; and local law enforcement authorities in five jurisdictions – Manhattan, Albany, Westchester, Nassau, and Oswego – regarding possible criminal incidents of sexual misconduct.

The committee will review all evidence it collected and finalize its inquiry with a final report. Just this past Friday the committee said no point to it continuing the investigation of Cuomo beyond his planned resignation date of Aug. 25.

Image Felton Davis

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