Katie Couric spares no one as she rips into colleagues, celebrities, exes and herself


Katie Couric has written an explosive book Going There that will be released in late October. The Daily Mail has read an advanced copy of the book. The outlet reports that the manuscript takes several potshots at former colleagues at NBC and CBS, partners including exes and A list celebrities including Prince Harry and Prince Andrew.

Katie Couric has not spared many in her private and public circle. After four decades in media, she has settled several scores in her outrageous book, according to the Daily Mail.

She is bound to outrage many people, some of whom in the long list include

Ashleigh Banfield—colleague
Deborah Norville—colleague
Martha Stewart—ex con and colleague
Brooks Perlin—ex boyfriend
Prince Harry—member of the royal family
Prince Andrew—member of the royal family
Joan Rivers—celebrity
Jeffrey Epstein—disgraced pedophile
Tom Werner—ex boyfriend and TV producer
Michael Jackson—King of Pop
Neil Simon—playwright
Larry King—TV host.

The book is a mixture of emotions ranging from grief on the death of her husband, to her own midlife crisis with toy boy Brooks Perlin, a somewhat narcissistic relationship with TV producer Tom Werner and disdain for colleagues.

Katie Price left her last job as global anchor at Yahoo in 2017. Katie Couric has had an incredible career and her tell all memoir at 64might just be the last time she is welcomed as a media personality or more. After the book, she might just be able to handle personal social media as others might revile or avoid her.

Her latest book will most probably win her no friends or future jobs. However, she has earned millions as a TV news anchor, managing editor and more at CBS and NBC. However, her memoir is scathing and she might find herself more “misunderstood” than before, after it reaches the hands of the subjects who earned her ire and their families and friends.

The 500 page book Going There has evoked strong feelings among those who have read the advance copy. One critic said that it “should be called Burning Bridges by Catty Couric.” Katie Couric will undertake a 11-city book tour to promote her book.

A spokesperson for Little, Brown and Company said that the publisher was eagerly waiting for people to read Katie’s book which was described by them as “heartfelt,” “hilarious” and “very honest.”

Source Daily Mail, The New York Post

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