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Lib-Dems win “blue wall” Tory seat: Defeat shocks Conservatives


The Tories were shocked, and the Liberal Democrats were surprised by the results of a recent by election held in South England. Sarah Green, the triumphant candidate from the Liberal Democratic party, wrested the Chesham and Amersham seat from the Tories, who held the seat from when it was created in 1974.


The posh and green areas northwest of London in the Buckinghamshire County gave a jolt to their traditional party and reportedly voted against them in favor of local issues. Lib-Dem strategists worked on the unease among the locals on Conservative plans to transform the district. These were among those had also voted remain during Brexit.


Sarah Green won the seat with a 57 percent vote share. This was higher than the previous 55 percent share won by the Tories in this supposed safe and conservative stronghold. The elections took place as the seat fell vacant after the death of Cheryl Gillan.


Lib Dem leader Ed Davey said that the victory had sent a “shockwave through British politics” as they and been told that the seat was too safe and that the Tories were too strong. He said that the Lib Dem win proved them to be “utterly wrong.”



On Friday, Conservative Minister Kit Malthouse told Sky News that the result had been “tough and disappointing” and that they would need to understand the complex things that were “going on there.”


According to the House of Commons Library the Liberal Democrats in the 2019 elections, the party won only eleven seats with a 11.6 percent share of the national vote. However, they have been doing well in the southeast and southwest of England and have seen their vote share rise to 18.2 percent. They have a 14.9 percent vote share in London. They have made inroads in local council elections that were held in May.


Will Orange be the new Blue since Red is fading from the latest scenario? There’s still a long way to go for the Lib Dems but as the Tories are chipping away at Labor strongholds and breaking red walls in the north, the Lib Dems have opened their account by shattering a blue wall in the south.

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