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Missing Mother Rachel Castillo’s Dead Body Found, Police Arrest Ex-Husband as Main Suspect

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Rachel Castillo, a mother of two from California, was discovered dead three days after police say they discovered blood and indications of a struggle at her home; her ex-husband has since been taken into custody. According to a press release from the Simi Valley Police Department, Rachel Castillo was discovered deceased on Sunday in a rural region of the Antelope Valley.

The remains of Rachel Castillo, 25, were found in Antelope Valley in Los Angeles County, according to a news release from the Simi Valley Police Department. Her ex-husband has been arrested as a prime suspect.

According to Simi Valley police, Castillo was reported missing on November 10 by her sister, who had returned home to the house they shared and discovered evidence that a struggle happened inside. Police reported that although Castillo was missing, her personal things, including her phone and car keys, were still at the residence.

Officers suspected that a crime involving significant injury happened based on evidence at the scene. Since then, detectives have been actively pursuing leads in the case and trying to find Rachel. Police reported that the flat had large amounts of blood and evidence of a struggle. When Emily arrived home, Rachel’s phone, keys, and car were also present at the flat. Authorities increased their search for Rachel over the weekend, and her parents appeared on Good Morning America to ask for help in finding her.

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Zarbab Ali, Castillo’s ex-husband, who was detained on Sunday at his parents’ house in connection with Castillo’s death, is the main suspect in the investigation, according to the police. According to Ventura County Jail records, Ali is a math instructor and is being held on a felony murder charge with a $510,000 bail. It is unclear at this time whether Ali has entered a plea or hired a lawyer to speak on his behalf.

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According to Castillo’s mother Robyn, who was cited by The Simi Valley Acorn, Castillo was a working mother of two who signed people up for state healthcare. Rachel was employed by a non-profit that offered social assistance and counseling to victims of domestic violence. Her goal was to train as a therapist. Robyn referred to her daughter as a really amazing mother, a terrific sister, daughter, and friend.

Police had not yet identified a crime in connection with Rachel’s disappearance as of Sunday, but once Rachel’s body was found, they came to the conclusion that the death was a homicide. It is still unclear, if any evidence linking Ali to the murder was found. He was allegedly collaborating with the inquiry, according to police.

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