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Moonbase 8 Review: Funny in Parts


Showtime’s Moonbase 8 is a six-episode series that follows the lives of a group of astronauts-in-training. They live in isolation at a simulated Moonbase in the desert. The comedy in the deserts swings between blustering buffoonery, dry wit and something in between.

 John C. Reilly (Cap) is the comical team leader, with his officers Fred Armisen (Skip) and Tim Heidecker (Rook). These three sad, but sometimes funny, middle aged men are struggling to achieve the goal of going to the moon. This goal represented the pinnacle of success and masculinity for their fathers’ generation. However, these three astronauts keep getting overlooked by a series of younger, smarter and fitter astronauts-in-training.

 When these younger astronauts enter the episodes, it brings the series to life as they sort off assume the role of the audience as they show how truly incompetent and insecure Cap, Skip and Rook are. Otherwise the show contains somewhat dull mealtime conversations of the three characters acting like self-satisfied idiots; patting each other’s backs for assumed intelligence and bravery.

 Despite good performances and some comedy and wit, the series tends to be a bit dull as the characters are very much like the powerful and emotionally draining characters we see in the real world. Seeing them on screen as well becomes less of fun and more of tedium.

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