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    Mother Kills Daughters to Take Revenge on Ex-Husband who Allegedly Wanted to Move Away with Youngest

    Fairfax County PD Mug Shot

    A woman from Virginia was found guilty of killing her two kids in an apparent effort to exact vengeance on her ex-husband. As the prosecution argued for a life sentence for her, she wailed and was hauled out of court. Fifteen-year-old Sharon Castro and 5-year-old Brooklynn Youngblood were both fatally sedated and then killed by Veronica Youngblood in 2018. However, Youngblood pleaded not guilty citing insanity.

    The defense claimed during the trial that Youngblood had been hearing voices urging her to murder her two children. Youngblood’s account of growing up with abusive parents brought the jurors to tears. She told the jurors that, as a child, her grandpa had sexually molested and her father beat her up.

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    She added that she turned to sex work after her parents abandoned her and her sister in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she later met her ex-husband Ron Youngblood and together, they relocated to the US. According to reports, Youngblood murdered her kids in their McLean apartment as retaliation for her ex-husband’s desire to move away with their youngest child, Brooklynn.

    Nine days prior to killing her children, she had purchased a pistol. Additionally, Youngblood gave her kids sleeping gummies. Brooklynn was shot in the cranium and died as a result. After being shot once in the back and once in the chest, Sharon phoned the police and claimed her mother had shot them. She passed away later.

    The jury was not persuaded that the mother’s choice to give her children sleeping gummies before shooting them to death was mitigated by mental illness. Veronica called her ex-husband Ron Youngblood while her teenage daughter was in critical condition and confessed that she had shot the kids because she loathed him. The jury found Youngblood guilty on two charges of first-degree murder and two counts of felony firearm use on Wednesday.

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