Nebraska Stalker, 28 arrested at Taylor Swift’s apartment complex in NYC


On Friday,  a 28-year-old stalker from Nebraska was arrested as he gained entry to a complex where Taylor Swift has an apartment in New York City. According to a report from TMZ, Patrick  Nissen entered the vestibule of the apartment of the Shake It Off singer. Fortunately, the 31-year-old singer was not in residence at that period of time, according to law enforcement sources. They said that he entered the vestibule through an unlocked door.


A vigilant security guard saw Nissen and called law enforcement officials after determining that he had no authorization to be present in the area. Nissen reportedly told the police that he was in love with the singer. He was also said to have taken a bus across state lines to meet the singer in NYC. He has been charged with a misdemeanor — second-degree criminal trespassing.


Patrick Nissen reportedly had pictures of Taylor Swift on his Instagram account. There was also account with the same name that mentioned the singer and included a post that featured the cover of Swift’s album Reputation.


The cops said that this was not the first time that trespassers have attempted to see the talented singer. Many other men have tried to meet her in her Tribeca apartment as well as in her other residences across the nation. Stalkers or trespassers have been arrested outside her residences in Manhattan, in Rhode Island and in Beverly Hills.


Earlier on April 18, the New York Daily News had reported that an obsessed fan, 52-year-old Hank Johnson, had tried to break into Swift’s Tribeca apartment. He had routinely showed up at the apartment complex five times in six months before he was arrested, according to the police.


However, it was an incident in 2018 that was the scariest one to date. Page Six reported that Roger Alvarado had tried to break into her townhouse. The 22-year-old from Homestead, Florida used a ladder to climb up to a window, broke it and gained access. According to reports, he took a shower and fell asleep in one of the beds in her house.


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