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New Boom Box features from Tesla: Farting sounds and other custom audio to unleash on neighbors



 Recent holiday updates from Tesla will bring cheer to some customers as a new Boombox will broadcast audio, outside the car. Tesla has added some lowbrow humor and replaced normal car horn sounds with custom sounds including a goat’s baa, clapping, a “tada,” a person speaking posh and last but not the least, a fart!


Built-in speakers were added in models after September 1, 2019 in compliance with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rules. According to Teslarati, silent electric cars were expected to produce sounds to alert pedestrians. Thanks to “Emissions Testing Mode” which means fart sequencing, cars can produce various sounds including farting, whenever. Unfortunately, people outside have to put up with the annoying audio.


Although the sound upgrade is fun and enjoyable for the car owners, there’s a possibility that it could be used to annoy or torment people. Sounds can also be used to play cruel tricks on innocent, unsuspecting people, who may not realize that the sound is coming from a boombox.


Tesla owners can add five tracks as they drive around, with sounds or music of their choice. On a query from a person on whether they could drive with an audio of their choice Musk tweeted, “You can upload custom music/sounds.”


Other features with this up gradation include:


  • Three new games: The Battle of Polytopia, Cat Quest and Solitaire can be played when the car is parked.
  • Supercharge display has been improved.
  • Scheduled departure feature has been improved.





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