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New Poll finds over half of Americans say that Trump needs to be convicted and barred from public office in his second impeachment trial


On Sunday, a new poll released by ABC and Ipsos finds that the percentage of Americans who believe that Trump should be impeached has increased. This time over 56% of Americans believe that Trump should be convicted for his role in the Capitol riot. They also believe that he should be banned from holding a federal position while 43% do not agree.


When the first Senate trial took place, a majority of the public as well as all the Senators were against it. However, this time some congress members, who are Republicans, also joined in to put forth the impeachment motion.


According to the ABC/Washington poll of January 2020, during his first impeachment trial only 47% said that he should be removed from the presidency, while 49% disagreed. In the latest poll, Trump has lost a huge support base.


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The call for his conviction cuts across party affiliations as over 9 out of 10 Democrats want him to be convicted while 8 out 10 Republicans say that he should not be convicted.


On January 13, the House of Representatives passed a majority vote to impeach Trump. They set forth the charge of “incitement of insurrection” with reference to his role that lead to the Capitol riot on January 6.


Although not a single Republican voted to impeach him in the first trial, the percentage of Republicans who have been disturbed by his role in the siege on the Capitol is much higher and a small percentage (15%), have publicly sided with the Democrats against him.


Majorie Greene Taylor, a freshman GOP House representative has been in the news for all the wrong reasons including support for QAnon and bizarre conspiracy theories. When asked about radical extremists in both parties, 42% of the 508 Americans who were participants in the survey said that they believed that the numbers were higher among the Republicans, 32% believed that the number of extremists were the same in both parties while 26% believed that there are more extremists among the Democrats.


As was expected both the party members said that their opponents had the larger number of extremist with only a difference in the percentages. About 80% of Democrats said the Republicans had more radical extremists while 13% said they had the same. About 57% of the Republicans said the Democrats had more radical extremists while 33% said the numbers are the same.

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