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New study reveals common menopause symptoms are connected to an increased risk of heart attacks.

Symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, night sweats, and the length of a woman’s final menstruation, may increase her risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a recent study.

University of Pittsburgh researchers have discovered a possible connection between vasomotor symptoms and heart attacks or strokes. The time of the cycle and a rise in cardiovascular illnesses were discovered to be related in the study, which was recently published in the AHA Journal

Data from 428 women in the continuing Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation, who were between the ages of 45 and 52, were analyzed.Both arterial stiffness and artery thickness were measured over their follow-up period, which lasted up to 10 years or until post menopause. Prior to menopause, 62% of participants had stable cycles that didn’t change, but 16% to 22% of participants saw either a late or early rise in cycle length.

Compared to women with stable cycles, those who had larger cycle-length shifts two years prior to their last period had better vascular health measurements. In the late-increase group of cycles, women had better measurements of arterial hardness and thickness, which reduced their risk of cardiovascular disorders, according to the researchers.

The   AHA Journal reported. “ CVD and Menopause-Women develop coronary heart disease (CHD) several years later than men, with a notable increase in CHD risk during midlife,4 a period coincident with the menopause transition (MT). This observation led to the hypothesis that the MT contributes to the increase in this risk. Over the past 20 years, longitudinal studies of women transitioning through menopause have contributed substantially to our understanding of the relationship between the MT and CVD risk. These studies have documented distinct patterns of alterations in endogenous sex hormones and adverse changes in body fat distribution, lipids, and lipoproteins, as well as structural and functional measures of vascular health over the MT. The reported findings underline the significance of the MT as a time of accelerating CVD risk, which emphasizes the importance of monitoring and potentially intervening during midlife.”

According to Stephen Donnelly, minister of health in Ireland, students’ education curricula ought to cover the menopause. A new study commissioned by the Department of Health indicated that menopause symptoms go beyond hot flushes, with more than half of Irish women suffering joint pain, insomnia, and low energy. A new national campaign is underway to raise awareness and lessen the stigma attached to this stage of life for women.

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