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President Biden thanks FEMA for risking their lives in Florida to help deal with Hurricane Ian

Courtesy President Joe Biden

On September 29, at 12:28 P.M. EDT, President Joe Biden was at the FEMA Headquarters, in Washington D.C. According to the White House release, he thanked Criswell of FEMA and the entire staff for their exemplary services at a time when the citizens of the nation have been losing faith in the government and yet the staff coordinated with all the institutions. He thanked several federal agencies and the entire workforce.

Biden said that these workers ran towards danger while others ran away from danger and delivered help to those who had been directly impacted by Hurricane Ian, which hit Florida. He mentioned that the hurricane could be the deadliest one in the Sunshine State.

He spoke about the actions of the Coast Guard, the National Guard, the Red Cross and over 1,000 FEMA personnel who were tirelessly helping Florida. He appealed to the Floridians not to go outside, unless it was absolutely essential so that the first responders could continue to do their jobs.

He warned oil and gas executives about raising prices due to the hurricane and said that only 2 percent of the country’s daily production had been affected by hurricane Ian. He said that if they tried to raise prices, officials would “look into whether or not price gouging is going on.”

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President Joe Biden thanked the brave men and women who worked as a single team, though they were part of different systems such as federal, state and local governments and said that they risked their lives to save other lives while undertaking these “dangerous missions.”

He said that his “message to the people of Florida and to the country is: At times like this, America comes together. We’re going to pull together as one team, as one America.”

President Biden also said that he had signed into law the CREW Act, earlier that morning. The act is a bipartisan one championed by Republican and House members whose names he mentioned. He said that the new law would protect FEMA reservists and they would get similar protection to that which was offered to military reservists.

He also spoke of going to Florida later and personally thank all those who rendered services and said that they would build it back, with the help of local and state governments and that was “his commitment.” He also spoke of going to Puerto Rico.

President Joe Biden also answered questions from the press when asked to describe his relationship and conversation with Governor Ron DeSantis. He said that the governor of Florida had thanked him and appreciated him.

President Biden refused to answer any question on Russia saying that they were there “to talk about America.”

When asked if they needed more money from Congress for the response to Hurricane Ian he answered, “We may.”

He ended the briefing with a Thank You and there was applause. The meeting with FEMA and the press ended at 1:17 P.M. EDT, according to the White House government website.

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