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Puerto Rico Devastated With Catastrophic Hurricane Fiona- Rain Leaves at Least Dead

Nearly All Of Puerto Rico Remains Without Electricity- Hundreds of thousands of people are suffering as Hurricane Fiona leaves Puerto Rico in devastation. 

On Monday, a day after Hurricane Fiona left the majority of the island without power or water and National Guard forces helped hundreds of trapped individuals, more rain descended onto Puerto Rico. The governor forewarned that it might take many days to turn on the lights.  Two deaths occured. A man from Puerto Rico was killed by a flooded river, while a person in the Dominican Republic was struck by a falling tree, according to reports from the authorities.As it spun away from the U.S. territory that is home to 3.2 million people, the storm was still anticipated to drop up to 15 inches (38 centimeters) of rain in certain locations.

Communities in Puerto Rico will require assistance once Hurricane Fiona as it  leaves the island in order to heal and rebuild, according to Carmen Yulin Cruz, a former mayor of San Juan. She then outlined a few steps for what she thought ought to take place next. The first is equipment supply.

According to El Nuevo Dia, service was interrupted for more than 775,000 water and sewer customers in Puerto Rico due in part to a shortage of power but primarily because of high water. 112 filtration facilities are having their operations hampered by the Swollen Rivers.

On Sunday and Monday, the Puerto Rico National Guard rescued people from floodwaters in a number of locations. In Cayey, a nursing facility that was under threat from landslides had 21 elderly and bedridden residents; in Mayaguez, a neighborhood that had been inundated, 59 people and 13 dogs had to be rescued.

According to the government of Puerto Rico’s catastrophe dashboard, there are over 2,100 humans and 248 animals in shelters.

F iona struck just two days prior to Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico in 2017 marking its fifth anniversary. Some residents experienced power outages that lasted up to 18 months. Since then, the grid has endured other storms, earthquakes, and other problems, and it is still susceptible to lengthy outages.
Many of the island’s homes and buildings still bear the scars of Hurricane Maria, and federal assistance to the island has been dogged by controversy and political squabbling. For botching the relief effort, the Federal Emergency Management Agency was held accountable.

According to the Associated Press, hundreds of thousands of customers are without water in Puerto Rico as a result of a loss of power and other problems.

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