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QAnon Shaman lawyer Watkins says Trump incited riot with continuous ‘propaganda’: Compares him to Jim Jones, the ‘Kool-Aid’ cult chief


QAnon Shaman’s lawyer, Albert Watkins has blamed Trump’s ‘non-stop propaganda’ as incitement for protesters to storm the Capitol on January 6, while mentioning that his client was one among “millions” who clings to every word that Trump utters.


Attorney Watkins appeared on CNN on Monday night. He began his interview with Chris Cuomo by reading a statement by his client Jacob Chansley who said that he was deeply disappointed in President Trump. The statement added that Trump was not honorable and had let down a lot of peaceful people. He also expressed regret and apologized for entering the Capitol building on January 7, 2021 and said that he should not have been there.


When Cuomo asked Watkins what the QAnon Shaman meant by ‘let a lot of peaceful people down’ the lawyer strongly attacked Trump blaming him for his propaganda and his tweets, every day, several times a day. He said that many of the protesters hung on to “every word of their president.”


When asked if his client still believed that the election was “stolen,” the lawyer replied “yes.” He said that it was a process of unwinding from the lies that his followers were told through the years. Cuomo interrupted saying that it sounded as if Chansley was being “de-programed from a cult.”


Watkins replied saying that it was similar to what had happened in 1978 and referred to Jim Jones in Guyana. Watkins also said that the unwinding process would not be completed by the end of the week or when the impeachment trial was completed.


Jim Jones was an American priest-turned cult chief. He master minded a mass suicide of himself and his followers. This horrific event happened at his commune in the jungle of Jonestown, Guyana on November 18, 1978.


Chansley had also been in the news last week for asking for “organic food.” He was granted it by a judge Joyce Lamberth who ruled for it as Chansley had allegedly stopped eating.


Although more than half of the American population believes that Trump should be impeached the chances of his impeachment are slim to none.


Most of the Republicans refuse to denounce his actions or reprimand him publicly; out of a sense of loyalty or of fear from the backlash they could receive from Trump supporters in their constituencies.

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