Republican recall candidate Larry Elder gets “eggscellent” welcome from Venice, California’s homeless residents



On Wednesday, Larry Elder the GOP recall candidate who is leading among the Republican candidates, was confronted by a group of homeless people, in Venice, California. The conservative radio host was chased by a group from the homeless encampment. He visited the location, in his Recall Express bus tour after casting his vote. One woman, in a gorilla mask, threw a small white object (could be an egg) at him.


Spectrum News reporter Kate Cagle captured the incident on video and posted it on Twitter. A woman in a gorilla mask followed recall candidate Larry Elder as he walked along 3rd Avenue in Venice and threw an oval object at him. The LA Times reported that the object “kind of glanced his head” according to an Elder campaign staffer.

The woman then confronted an elderly man who was accompanying Elder on his almost 12-minute walk. Elder was whisked away from the scene in an SUV after what looked like an egg was hurled at him. The woman was allegedly white and Elder is Black. Ape characterizations were used as a racist trope through centuries, making many comment on the racist angle of the protest.


Although many of the residents shouted profanities at Elder, it is unclear why the group of residents were so angry with Elder.


Larry Elder tweeted about the incident on Wednesday evening. He said that his security detail was physically assaulted, and that the intolerant left would not stop them and that they would recall Gavin Newsom and that they would save California.


Those who vote to recall Governor Gary Newsom by answering ‘Yes’ to the question whether they wish to recall the governor will have to answer a second question. They will have to name the person who they wish to replace him with. If sufficient people vote Yes to recall him, then the candidate whose name appears the most becomes the next governor of California. Larry Elder is the most popular  among all the Republican candidates mentioned in the list.

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