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September 11 could be the date by which U.S. troops totally withdraw from Afghanistan


On Tuesday, a U.S. official said that Pressure Joe Biden had decided not to follow the May 1 deadline for withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. The deadline was negotiated by the Taliban and the Trump administration. Instead, it has been reported that September 11, would be the new deadline. It will be the 20th anniversary since the twin towers were attacked. This was first reported by the Washington Post.


There had been indications from the Biden administration that it would be difficult to withdraw all the troops by the earlier deadline set by the earlier administration. Many considered it unlikely that the May1 deadline would work. The U.S. official, who has spoken, wishes to remain an anonymous source as the deadline has not been formally announced as yet.


According to the senior official, President Biden believes that no military solution is possible in Afghanistan. However, the administration would like to focus on peaceful, diplomatic negotiations. The aim of the U.S. government is to bring a peaceful agreement between the Afghan government and the Taliban.


The official also said that the Biden administration had consulted with the Cabinet, NATO allies, the Afghan government, the Congress and all other parties involved. It has also cautioned the Taliban that attacks on American troops during the withdrawal procedure will not be tolerated.


The American withdrawal of troops has begun before the May 1 deadline and maybe completed before September 11. NATO has also started partial withdrawal of troops. However, the total withdrawal of troops will not be completed by the earlier deadline of May 1, so a new deadline, which has not as yet been announced, has been set.


Both the Americans and the Taliban need to hold up to the agreement that was reached and signed last year, for peace and stability to return to a region that has been under war like conditions for decades. The war in Afghanistan is the longest war that America has been in involved in, in the history of the nation.

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