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Sharon Osbourne apologized to Black community for defending Piers Morgan whose Megan Markle comments created a furor


On Friday, Sharon Osbourne issued a public apology to the Black community, apologizing for her outburst on “The Talk” on Wednesday. She said that she “panicked, felt blindsided and got defensive” while talking with her black co-host Sheryl Underwood.


She said that she had reflected with her heart and wanted to acknowledge the “love & support” that she had received from the black community and said that she had “deep respect and love” for them.


She addressed those of color whom she offended and/or anyone who felt confused or let down by what she said and told them that she was truly sorry. She said that she had panicked and became defensive as she had allowed a fear and horror of being accused of racism take over as she felt blindsided.


The 68-year old host at “The Talk” went on to say that very few things hurt her “heart more than racism” and asserted that the association with racism “spun” her “fast.”


On Wednesday, the “America’s Got Talent” judge defended her erstwhile friend Piers Morgan, who was also a judge on the same show, when he faced flak from all and sundry for his offensive comments on Megan Markle and clashed with her co-host Underwood on their show.


However, later, Osbourne clarified her position saying that she does not “condone racism, misogyny or bullying.”


She also reiterated that when she said that she does not condone racism, misogyny or bullying, she should have been more specific in her tweet. She added that she would always support freedom of speech but she had now realized that she had not made that distinction clear in her earlier tweet in support of Morgan.

She finally added that she hoped that everyone could collectively learn from each other and “pave the way for much needed growth & change.”

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