Trump Organization and CFO Allan Weisselberg indicted by Manhattan DA for running employee tax scheme



Former U.S. president’s Trump Organization and its Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Allan Weisselberg have been charged with tax related crimes including tax fraud, conspiracy, and falsifying business records. On Thursday, Weisselberg turned himself in to the Manhattan court. He was charged with concealing $1.76 million in income. The indictment also mentioned that he received about $133,000 in federal and state refunds. Both the firm and the CFO  pleaded not guilty to charges.


The Trump Organization and Trump Payroll face 10 counts by New York prosecutors while the CFO faces 15 felony counts with reference to an alleged tax scheme from 2005 to 2021. The prosecutors said that Weisselberg had received indirect compensation of approximately $1.76 million. From the Trump Organization. It was given to him between 2005 and June 2021. He also said that he was not a resident of New York to avoid paying city taxes.


During the hearing at the Manhattan Court, prosecutor Carey Dunne said that it was a “sweeping and audacious scheme” which involved many “off-the-book payments.” He added that the most senior executives derived the maximum benefits for themselves, and the company and they got secret pay raises at the expense of the state and federal taxpayers.


Dunne also said that Weisselberg directed records to be deleted so that he could conceal his role in his schemes. He added that to date there has been no attempt to report crimes or to amend false returns.


The lawyers for the Trump Organization and Weisselberg said that they were prepared to fight the case in court. The company also said that it was not justice but politics. Trump called it a witch hunt and said that it was “dividing our country like never before.”


Some of the accusations against Weisselberg include:


  • free rent
  • free medical bills
  • free utility bills
  • cars for him and his wife (nearly $200,000 in leases)
  • private school tuition for his grandchildren (up to $360,000)


Weisselberg was released on his own recognizance. He was asked to turn in his passport.

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