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Voyager’s astronauts will get Hilton designed suites on private space station Starlab

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On Monday, Voyager Space Holdings and Lockheed Martin said that Hilton would design astronaut suites for their private space station called Starlab. The companies informed a business outlet of their joint plans at a recent conference. Voyager is expected to manufacture its first space module before the end of 2023 and plans to expand and build multiple Starlabs fro different market needs.

Dylan Taylor, who is the chairman and CEO of Voyager, spoke to CNBC at the 2022 Astronomical Congress. He said that they were looking forward to the “unique perspective” that would be brought by Hilton as they were “not space people.”

Taylor described it as getting a “bit of an edge” with this unique partnership, as it is the first of its kind among private stations. The hospitality industry and the space industry have considered the possibility of a hotel that would be in orbit, since a while and this is the first step forward.

Hilton CEO Christopher Nassetta released a statement that noted how life on earth had been impacted by discoveries in space, from decades and mentioned that Hilton would now have an opportunity that will allow it to improve the guest experience in “this unique environment.”



Hilton will design hospitality suites and sleeping arrangements. It will also explore opportunities to market the space station as well the experiences of the astronauts onboard the Starlab, which is expected to operate in low earth orbit, by 2027.

NASA is preparing to retire the International Space Station (ISS) in 2030. It has awarded individual contracts to U.S. companies to build private space stations, one of whom is Voyager Space Holdings in partnership with Lockheed Martin.

Voyager Space Holdings and Hilton have been partners from early 2020, with the experiment “cookies in space.” Astronauts on the ISS had baked Double Tree chocolate cookies. This was the first experiment of baking food in space.


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