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Warner Music Groups partners with OpenSea to expand into Web3 for WMG artists’ growth

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Two global corporations announced a collaboration, on September 29, 2022. Warner Music Group (WMG) and OpenSea said that select artists of WMG will be provided with a platform on the OpenSea marketplace; to build as well as to extend their fan base in Web3. These artists of WMG, would get a slew of features from OpenSea.

According to a release by the WMG site, its artists will get the follow benefits from Open Sea:
Early access to new drops
Improvements in discoverability
Customized landing pages with personalized storytelling
The best possible safety and security features.

Other perks from the joint operations include dedicated drop pages for WMG artists. They can host limited edition projects. This would lead to new opportunities for engagement with fans and promoting their individual musical talent.

The WMG group, a global music and entertainment company considers OpenSea as a facilitator that would helps its artists and musicians to unlock Web3 tools as well as build opportunities that will help its artists to have deeper engagement with fans, improve access with them, get ownership of their merchandise and more.

OpenSea, the world’s leading peer-to-peer marketplace for non fungible tokens (NFTs) considers these tokens as a new creative medium for artists to engage with their fans in a direct manner as well as broaden their expression to cross limitations set by language or borders. The marketplace said that it was excited that it would be providing support as well as infrastructure to the artists in the Warner family as they enter the NFT ecosystem.

Warner music has partnered with a number of leading Web3 companies. Warner Records UK is collaborating with Web3 company Probably Nothing to launch its first collection of NFTs. It is in the development stage.

The partnership between Warner Music Group and OpenSea is WMG’s newest effort in a series, as it looks to expand its expertise in Web3 through collaborations with companies who have established themselves as leaders of blockchain, the technology on which Web3 is based.

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