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Celebrity billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft founder says greener lifestyles might not stop climate change

On Thursday, celebrated billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates addressed the issue of climate change, on a podcast where he said that asking people or expecting them to change their lifestyles into greener ones would not solve climate change. Bill Gates has always called for bringing the climate crisis under control by writing about it, by advocating green lifestyles and by investing in green and clean technology.

The Microsoft co-founder was speaking on the Zero podcast by Bloomberg, on Thursday. He called it “unrealistic” to expect people to change their lifestyles as there were concerns about the climate. He added that it was not possible to solve the climate crisis collectively except in situations where there was a state controlled everything and mentioned North Korea as an example.

Bill Gates painted a realistic picture of the situation and said that it was too difficult to change basic human desires such as asking people to stop eating meat or to stop wanting to live in a nice house, to prevent climate change.

Earlier in 2021, Bill Gates, who is a strong advocate for dealing with climate change through technology and innovation, had said that the so called Green Premiums could be a viable solution. These Green Premiums offer people the opportunities to pay extra to do or to consume the same things without the emissions. So, people could continue with their consumption habits.

In the latest podcast, the celebrity philanthropist said that a better solution was to invest in green innovations though he also accepted that there were several important social issues that would compete with green initiatives for the same funds.

He also said that it was not time for the idea that people had about theories of green energy solutions reducing Western reliance on Russian natural gas. He said that in ten years from now, it would be possible to call Putin and say that they didn’t need him, when people told him that they loved his climate stuff as they could tell Putin that they didn’t need him.

Although Bill Gates, the billionaire philanthropist has a lot of money and interest invested in issues related to climate change, he also has a realistic view about it.

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