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Warning: Graphic Video of Memphis Man Ezekiel Kelly Who Kills 4 in Random Shooting- Shooter Broadcasts on Facebook Live

Memphis Police Dept

Memphis Police Dept

A 19-year-old lunatic, after killing four people and injuring three more in what appeared to be random shootings while driving about Memphis, was eventually apprehended, authorities said early on Thursday. He was charged with attempted first-degree murder but pleaded guilty to lesser counts in April 2021.

Memphis has recently been rattled by a number of high-profile murders in recent weeks, including the shooting deaths of a jogger who was kidnapped during her early morning run and a jogging pastor who was shot during a daytime carjacking in her driveway.

The Memphis shooter Ezekiel Kelly’s 22-hour spree around Memphis, spanned at least eight distinct criminal hotspots. He posted a video of himself entering an AutoZone and shooting the first person he sees there while live streaming one of the shootings on Facebook. The 19-year-old lunatic received a three-year sentence in 2021 but was let out early, just after 11 months, this March. It is unclear why he was released so soon.

Buses stopped operating and the Memphis Redbirds’ minor league baseball game was called off while the shooter terrorized the city. Police issued shelter-in-place warnings to homes throughout the city during the hours-long rampage, locked down a baseball stadium and university campuses, and suspended public transport service as terrified citizens feared the guy may strike again. Memphis, a population of more than 630,000 people, was advised to take cover as the shooter drove through different parts of the city, firing at individuals at random.

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland, during a press conference on Wednesday, revealed that Kelly ought to have been in jail. This terrible act of violence would not have taken place if he had been there, and four innocent citizens would be alive now. He stated that the evil acts revealed the reason why “truth in sentencing is a must.” He blasted the courts for the decision, claiming that if he had received the full term, “four of our fellow citizens would still be alive.”

Officers attended to three other crime scenes after the initial murder on Wednesday at 12:56 a.m. before receiving a tip at 6:12 p.m. that the suspect was livestreaming himself threatening to hurt people, reports said. Just after 9:00 p.m., Kelly was taken into custody without violence after crashing a stolen automobile, putting an end to the nightmare.



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