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Watch: Pelosi thinks Trump is not ‘man enough’ to show up, after receiving subpoena from Jan. 6 committee

On Sunday, during an appearance on MSNBC, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told host Jonathan Capehart that she did not think that Donald Trump was “man enough” to appear before a Jan. 6 House committee that was investigating the insurrection. When asked by the host if she believed that Trump would appear after being served with the subpoena, she replied to him, on the interview called “The Sunday Show.” She said that she didn’t think he would appear.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Trump’s attorneys might not want him to testify as he would be under oath. This could expose him to potential charges of perjury, if he doesn’t speak the entire truth. She said that she didn’t believe that he would show and that they would “see if he is man enough to show up, and the public should make their judgement.”


Nancy Pelosi also said that no one was “above the law.” She said that if people believed that then they have to make a judgement about his response to the request to appear before the committee.

Donald Trump was issued a formal subpoena, on Friday. It asked him to testify before the January 6 committee. The move might be symbolic as the committee cannot force him to testify and his lawyers might not allow him to testify. There is no such precedent so Trump is most likely to ignore the subpoena till the time the committee gets dissolved, which should be by the end of the year.

In a long and wide-ranging interview Speaker Pelosi not only seemingly provoked Trump to appear, though it is highly unlikely that the provocation will work, as his lawyers and others may not let him appear, but she also addressed other wide ranging issues vexing the nation. The midterms are less than three weeks away and she addressed the economy. She spoke in length about inflation, saying that it was a global issue and more.

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