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Alec Baldwin quits Twitter again after facing criticism for comments of Gillian Anderson ‘switching accents’


On Wednesday, Alec Baldwin has deleted his Twitter account following a backlash from followers who responded to his recent post. He had posted a link to a story from CNN, which was about Gillian Anderson. He wrote, “Switching accents? That sounds…fascinating.”


The actor’s post appeared to be a subtle reference to the episode where his wife Hilaria had been embroiled in a fake Spanish heritage scandal in January. Alec had quit Twitter in January as well but had soon rejoined the social media platform.


Gillian Anderson won a Golden Globe, on Sunday, in the Best Supporting Actress category, for her role as former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the series The Crown.


She gave her acceptance speech with an American accent which surprised a few social media users as she speaks with a British accent on two Netflix shows: The Crown and Sex Education. These users were unaware that the actress was born in Chicago. She was raised in London through early childhood and returned to Michigan when she was 11 years old.


Twitter Gillian Anderson


Many Twitter users were upset with his comments. They told him, in no uncertain terms, that there’s a big difference between Gillian Anderson’s accents and Hilaria’s put on Spanish accent.


One person said that Gillian Anderson spoke two different dialects of English as a result of her actual story unlike Hilaria who pretended to have a foreign accent to exude exoticism as Hilaria was born and brought up in Boston.


Another person mentioned that Gillian Anderson is an actress and was hired for roles that required a British accent as she had spent half her childhood in England.


Baldwin shared a 10-minute video on Instagram saying that he was a fan of Gillian Anderson and detailed that he was leaving Twitter because of the haters.


Hilaria Baldwin had recently posted a picture of a baby less than six months after posting a picture of their fifth child. They had not posted any other details making some critics call them attention seekers. There was a lot of speculation if the baby was theirs, or born via a surrogate or was adopted. On Wednesday, a source told the Daily Mail website that their sixth baby was born via a surrogate.


Alec Baldwin also left Twitter in 2017, 2014, 2012 and 2011 for various reasons.

Photo Credit Gage Skidmore

Photo Credit  Gage Skidmore

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