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Barack Obama hits campaign trail, asks people in Georgia to vote for democracy

Courtesy President Barack Obama Facebook

Former president Barack Obama has hit the campaign trail, in the last few days before the midterms. He visited Georgia, on Friday and will visit Michigan on Saturday, as well as Wisconsin. Nevada and Pennsylvania will be his stops, next week. The Democrats need to hold on to their majority in the House as well as their slight majority in the Senate. Obama shared the stage with Democrats Sen. Raphael Warnock and Stacy Abrams.

The sitting senator is in a close race with Herschel Walker and Stacy Abrams was narrowly defeated by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, last elections. President Obama was warmly received by the Blacks. He is their hero after becoming the first Black President of the nation. He also reached out to the moderates, independents and others who also have been his supporters.

Obama handled the Inflation problem head on and said that the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war were the reasons behind the high prices and not the spending bills by the Democrats as portrayed by the Republicans. He also reminded voters that the Republican answer always was “They want to give the rich tax cuts.”

Obama called tax cuts as the answer of the Republicans to everything. He said when inflation was low the GOP answer was “let’s cut taxes”, when unemployment was high they would use the same strategy and would continue to do even if an asteroid headed towards the planet, they would say that they needed “tax cuts for the wealthy.” He questioned the crowds how that would “help them?”

The nation’s first black president came together with the first black U.S. senator Sen. Raphael Warnock in the history of the Peach State as well as Stacy Abrams, who is trying to become the first Black female governor in the history of the nation.

Both of them face stiff competition, in Georgia. Obama told the Georgians that although Herschel Walker was a legendary footballer, he had no political experience just as the president himself had no football experience. Walker has also been dodged by a couple of abortion scandals. He reportedly asked two women with whom he was involved to undergo the procedure although he speaks against abortion in his campaign.

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