Biden begins with strong defense against Newsom recall, possible personal appearances by President and VP

As the Republican fueled recall against California Governor Gavin Newsom is approaching, President Joe Biden lent his strongest support as yet, with a statement on Thursday. A source told POLITICO that the White House is considering personal appearances as well as social media messages by both the President and the Vice President.


On Thursday, President Joe Biden said in a statement that Governor Newsom was leading California through unprecedented crises. The president called him a key partner who helped them fight the pandemic and build the nation’s economy while giving economic relief to working families.


The statement also said that the Governor has been standing up on various other issues including the rights of


  • women
  • immigrants
  • the LGBTQ community.


Biden also said that Newsom knew how to get the job done as he had been successfully doing it and that registered California voters “should vote no on the recall election by September 14” so that California continued to move forward.


Newsom requires assistance from both Biden and Harris as there is an urgent need to energize the Democratic voter. Several recent polls have shown that there is huge enthusiasm among the Republicans and general apathy among the Democrats and the gap between the two is closing.


Newsom has already gained national support from Elizabeth Warren who appeared in an ad asking voters to say “no” to the recall as it was a power grab by “Trump Republicans.” Bernie Sanders has also offered support. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has also lent support. However, an appearance by the President and Vice President would have enormous appeal and help Newson cross the last lap in the recall race.


The Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies reported that a recent poll held in the state showed that voters approved the president’s job performance by a 22-point margin. Voters registered Democrat showed a 76-point approval of Biden.


Although Vice President Harris has not polled so well in her home state, her power base in San Francisco as well as being a woman of color could fetch Democratic support for Newsom.


Newsom is flush with funds but needs to get rid of the apathy among the Democrat voters. He recently said that those who thought that the recall was not close were wrong and that “It is” (a close contest). Perhaps the President and Vice President can enthuse the Democratic voter to vote “no” and ensure that Newsom remains a Democrat governor in a state that is largely blue.


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