BMW now sells a subscription plan for heated seats

With a recent statement regarding its Functions on Demand system, which allows customers to choose to pay monthly subscriptions for certain options, BMW received criticism from every corner of the internet. The initial news about BMW’s heated seat subscription in Korea is what got fans all around the world to jump on. Fans, clients, and aficionados naturally began to wonder whether such a program would come to America and, more significantly, whether it should. In response to the current revelations, a BMW USA official issued a comment today.

BMW offers  British drivers the option of heated seat on a monthly subscription basis if you did not pay for  feature when you ordered the car. The car is already equipped with it but it can be turned on with the subscription. Yes, we are confused too as we thought when you order a car, if the technology is in it, aren’t we paying for it already?  Today’s technology allows dealers to customize on and off features, sort of like your Sirius XM satellite radio subscription.

BMW customers in South Korea can now pay a monthly fee to enable the Heated Seats feature in their vehicles. Korean customers can enjoy heated seats for around $18 at current exchange rates. They can also get a one-year subscription for $176 or a three-year subscription for $283. Please note, there has been reporting that the subscription service is not available in Korea and information to confirm that is still be checked.

While consumers are accustomed to paying monthly fees for services such as satellite radio in their cars, paying a subscription fee for an automobile’s hardware remains unusual. After all, when a consumer buys a car, all of the hardware is typically included in the purchase price — tires, seats, steering wheel, defroster and other features.

This feature is available for download in the local BMW Connected Drive Store, which also houses a variety of apps. The software update is delivered to the car over the air, so no visit to the local dealership is required. BMW of South Korea also includes a one-month free trial period, with the option to permanently purchase the Heated Seats for $406.

Every automobile can be constructed with every option available, and at the dealership, those options can be turned on and off to meet the needs of customers. By doing so, manufacturing will experience new scale economies and time and labor savings.

BMW isn’t selling the seat warmer subscription in the U.S. for now, but plans may change.

Many cars have come without certain hardware features due to supply chain issues. Buyers have no choice but to opt out if they need a car right away. Before buying or leasing your car, make sure the dealers discloses what is in your new vehicle.  Buyer beware because when it comes time to sell, it may affect the cars compared to other cars being sold. Work out a price discount with the car dealer is good advice.

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