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Celebrity billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott files for divorce from second husband science teacher Jewett

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Celebrity billionaire MacKenzie Scott was married to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for 25 years. Four years ago, she sought a divorce from him after a trial separation. They have four children. After the divorce, she signed the Giving Pledge and proceeded to donate a major part of her fortune. Later, she got married to Dan Jewett, a teacher in the private school her children studied. On Monday, she filed for divorce from Jewett, after one and a half years of marriage, according to court records.

According to a filing in King County Superior Court in Washington state, MacKenzie Scott has filed a petition for divorce. She had married Dan Jewett, a science teacher at a private school, in Seattle, in March 2021. He has not contested the divorce. The couple had a prenuptial agreement, so the proceedings are expected to go smooth.

When MacKenzie Scott and Jeff Bezos got divorced, she got more than $38 billion dollars of which she has given away more than $12 billion, according to reports in the New York Times.

MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett had pledged to give away their fortune during their lifetime although she was a billionaire while his assets as a science teacher were minimal. Recently the billionaire philanthropist had removed the name of Jewett from her online posts that mentioned her charitable donations.

The Times was the first to point out that Jewett had been deleted from many of Scott’s online posts such as the Giving Pledge website, as well as from a Medium post. The writer also removed Jewett from her author bio on Amazon.

The Times also reported that the Giving Pledge of Scott had a new photo of the 52-year old celebrity author and philanthropist: a headshot. It also noted that recent recipients of grants had thanked only MacKenzie Scott. In the past, they had thanked both Scott and Jewett. One of the recent recipients, the California Community Foundation, which is an LA based charity, had only thanked MacKenzie Scott for the gift.

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384 Organizations Receive a total of $4.2 Billion from MacKenzie Scott

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