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Celebrity Kim Kardashian’s fans upset by her refusal to cut ties with Balenciaga amid pedophile ad

Kim Kardashian arrives to the Topshop Topman Store Opening Party on February 13, 2013 in Hollywood, CA. Shutterstock / DFree

Celebrity Kim Kardashain has often modeled clothes from Spanish fashion house Balenciaga and has been featured in their brand campaigns including the latest episode of their family reality show The Kardashians on Hulu. Recently, Balenciaga was slammed for its advertisements with children which featured BDSM themes. After the brand scrapped the advertisements and apologized, then Kim Kardashian also posted that she was “disgusted” and was re-evaluating her relationship with the brand. But fans have slammed her for not cutting ties with the brand.


On Sunday, reality star Kim Kardashian posted on Instagram that she was “shocked and outraged” by the recent campaigns by Balenciaga, the fashion house whose outfits are worn by her, very often. She also walked for the house in the recent Paris Fashion Week.

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The celebrity said that she was waiting for “an opportunity to speak to speak to their team” before she posted on the scandalous advertisements. She reissued her statement using stronger language and also said that she “appreciated Balenciaga’s removal of the campaigns and apology.”

Kim Kardashian said in a follow up post on Instagram and Twitter that she was “re-evaluating” her “relationship with the brand.” However, she did not mention that she would cut ties with the brand.


Several fans on her social media page had been angrily commenting on why she had not responded to the brand’s advertisements that were posted and fans said that the ads were promoting sexual abuse according to Kim’s fans and followers. Several of her fans were extremely disappointed by her statement.

Fans and followers on Twitter were also skeptical about her response and asked her to cut ties with Balenciaga. They called her out for not understanding the severity of the impact of the advertisements. Celebrity Kim Kardashian is the mother of four young kids with her ex-husband Kanye West.


Meanwhile, Balenciaga is suing North Six Inc., the production company behind the ads featuring children as well as set designer Nicholas Des Jardins for including images of legal documents on a decision by the Supreme Court on laws on child pornography on the same ad that included what can be termed as bondage equipment.

Many fans are not convinced by the statement released by Kim Kardashian and have asked her to release a new statement that should mention that the celebrity is cutting ties with the luxury fashion brand Balenciaga.

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