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CWEB projected winning candidate becomes LA Mayor: US Rep Karen Bass scripts history and Celebrity who Snubbed her

US Representative Karen Bass has become the first woman mayor of Los Angeles as well as the second black person to hold this prestigious position. She defeated billionaire developer Rick Caruso, on Wednesday after more than 70 percent of the votes were tallied and she had a lead of almost 47,000 votes. Earlier Bass had said, “It’s not the power of the money, it’s the power of the people.” Her opponent’s campaign expenses crossed $100 million. Both of them had celebrity and star power but of different kinds.

Karen Bass was a lifelong Democrat while Rick Caruso became one in February 2022. Bass was endorsed by President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, most of the established Democrats in California and some celebrity stars.

Rick Caruso, a property developer whose estate includes malls and hotels, was backed by several celebrity stars from California and the nation including billionaire influencers such as Elon Musk, Kim Kardashian as well as celebrity rappers and actors including Snoop Dogg, Chris Pratt, Gwyneth Paltrow and more. These celebrities have millions of followers who follow their crypto advice and more and use their branded merchandise. However, their followers don’t seem to appeared to have voted for Caruso, the billionaire candidate endorsed by these celebrities.

Karen Bass is a left-leaning democrat while the new Democrat leaned towards the right, in a Democrat entrenched city. Despite lavish spending on unavoidable advertisements and endorsements by the richest man in the world, Elon Musk and one of America’s favorite reality stars Kim Kardashian, Los Angelenos turned towards Karen Bass.

On Wednesday evening, Rick Caruso called Karen Bass to concede. Bass said in a statement on social media that she “ran for mayor to urgently confront the crises that Los Angeles faces including homelessness, crime and more while Caruso thanked people for their support and called his run a “privilege” and rewarding experience of his life, in a statement on social media.

Karen Bass who has become the first woman and second Black to head the City of Angels will deliver remarks, on Thursday. The six-term congresswoman and former state lawmaker was supported by almost all of her longtime Democratic colleagues and overcome a 10 to 1 spending advantage as well as huge celebrity support given to her opponent. She is finally the Mayor in Los Angeles. CWEB, who projected her win, wishes her success as she creates history and works for the benefit of the city as well as California and the nation.

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Rich celebrity stars Chris Pratt and Kim Kardashian back ex-Republican billionaire as LA Mayor

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