Dog the Bounty Hunter tries to talk to Laundrie’s dad, says parent know 50 percent, where kids are

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Dog the Bounty Hunter has been trying to locate Brian Laundrie, who is missing since almost two weeks. In an interview with Dr.Oz, on Tuesday, the reality star, whose real name is Duane Chapman said that it was common behavior for parents to say that they were unaware of their kids’ whereabouts, after they are accused of committing crimes.

Chapman told Dr. Oz that after the kid is located they say “Dog, I couldn’t, I knew.” He also said that parents often knew where their children were “50 percent of the time.” He also mentioned that “35 percent of the parents help.”

He was hoping that the Laundries fell in the 35 percent category as the search for Brian continues. He had knocked on the doors of the family home but they did not speak to him. The police were called instead.

He also told Dr.Oz that that he wanted to talk to Brian’s dad to “explain the difference between involuntary manslaughter and murder one out of Wyoming.”

Dog had begun searching for Brian over the weekend. He claimed that his team had over a thousand leads and that he had received tips about two visits to Fort de Soto Park by Brian as well as his parents.

On Monday, the Pinellas County Sheriff said that the area mentioned by Chapman was not under investigation. The office also said that they were unaware of any sightings of Laundrie in the area.

However, on Tuesday, an attorney for the family said that the Brian and his family stayed at a Florida campground before Brian’s disappearance.

ABC 7’s Daniela Hurtado confirmed Dog’s claim that Roberta Laundrie checked into the Park on September 6. She checked out on September 8. However, the records do not show who was accompanying her. There are cameras at the Park, which are operated by the office of the Pinella County Sheriff.

When Daniela requested the Sheriff ‘s office for the surveillance video, the office said that the FBI was handling the investigation but the reps of the FBI have not responded to her queries and have directed her to their Twitter handle.

Meanwhile, family, friends and well wishers asking for justice for Gabby Petito continue with their vigils and protests outside the Laundrie home.

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