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Exclusive: Celebrity Anchor CNN Don Lemon Reacts to Celebrity Meghan Markle’s Podcast on Race

Anchor of CNN, Don Lemon, has reportedly weighed in on celebrity Meghan Markle and Mariah Carey’s discussion of race and their identities as multiracial women in a recent episode of Archetypes. When discussing their mixed-race origins in the Archetypes episode on diva, the duchess said that it was different since they were light-skinned. They sort of fell in between and were not regarded as women of color.

The CNN host commended the Duchess of Sussex for her “eye-opening” podcast and speaking out against “colorism” during a broadcast of CNN’s New Day on Wednesday, multiple outlets reported. Lemon stated that he found it a “bit shocking” when the Duchess of Sussex said only after she started dating Prince Harry did she begin to understand “what it was like to be treated like a black woman.” He remarked that Meghan was speaking from “a position of privilege” since she “did not have to deal with racism until she married a white man,” which was when she first experienced racism, he said.

When the celebrity wed Prince Harry in 2018, the former American actress became the first person of mixed race to marry a senior British monarch in centuries. The Duchess, who left her position as a senior working royal a couple of years ago, allegedly accused a member of the royal family of making a racist remark about her son Archie’s skin tone prior to his birth. The comment was made in 2021 during an interview with talk show host Oprah.

Lemon also commented that it was “interesting” that both women had gone through a similar ordeal and he recalled when the singer first rose to fame in the 1990s. He said, “…people didn’t know what to do with her” as she was a “mixed woman.” According to him, Meghan did not receive the full Black treatment because they were not sure if she was black, but they also did not know whether she was white.

The celebrity and Mariah’s conversation about being mixed race came after the celebrity said that she did not want her children photographed because of racism.

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