Gary Johnson Former New Mexico Governor Wins Libertarian Party Nomination for President. Watch Exclusive Video – CWEB

garyjohnson – Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson secured the necessary 50 percent of delegates in the second round of voting at the party convention on Sunday. He has polled as high as 10 percent in recent presidential polls. Also, for the second poll in a row, Gary Johnson pulled 10% of voters surveyed nationally, compared to 49% for Clinton and 39% for Trump. While Johnson seems like he could be reasonably competent as a leader, he’s no show horse. I’m not sure how he would perform on a debate stage against the two major party candidates. Hopefully, someone is going to spend some money getting him a prep coach, if he can reach 15% in the polls, which I believe may be conceivable. Now that he’s been officially nominated, his profile will be rising nationally, and the media will be all over him. [youtube]

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