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Is it time to dump Trump with no red wave? Midterm results too close to call

Most major media houses had reported that there might be a red wave in Congress and the GOP including leader Donald Trump had hoped for the same but they have been proven wrong as there is no such wave as anticipated. What remains undisputed is that some big names have fallen, while others have triumphed. Many election deniers have either lost their seats or are in close competition as results are yet to be declared. However, it also remains a fact that many results are too close call and it might take weeks or months as there could be December runoffs.

After the initial so called red wave has fallen flat ashore, some media pundits as well as journalists are pointing fingers at Donald Trump for the losses as he had made strong predictions of a red wave, as had most of the GOP. Trump had endorsed some high profile candidates who lost and some whom he criticized and called names including RINO (Republican in Name Only) comfortably won.

Celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz, who was strongly endorsed by Donald Trump and mounted an expensive campaign, lost to John Fetterman in Pennsylvania. Brian Kemp won the gubernatorial elections in Georgia, despite facing adverse comments and fairly constant criticism from Donald Trump. However, it was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who won his governorship with a huge margin, (59.4 percent as per the Associated Press) after being called “Ron DeSanctimonious” by Trump, just before the midterm final vote, who might be the Republican with the biggest winning margin, after the final results are announced.

According to a report on Fox News David Ploufee said on MSNBC that Donald Trump was “deeply unpopular,” and “supported a bunch of horrible Senate candidates who may end up coughing up the football here.”

The outlet reported that Chris Hayes, also from MSNBC, described Trump as “unpopular” and also said that the sooner he was “dumped” the better it would be for “the Republican Party and American Democracy, full stop.”

The outlet continued reporting about the comments from other celebrity journalists. Jonathan Karl from ABC said that although it was not clear which party would control Congress, he said, “What I can tell you is the biggest loser tonight is Donald Trump.”

The outlet also reported comments form GOP pundit Scott Jennings. On CNN, the conservative commentator remarked, “There’s a potential narrative out of this night that if you are a discerning Republican voter trying to figure out the future, direction of this party, we once again learn that Trump is not a national winner for the Republicans.”

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