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Teen jumps out of moving  Lyft vehicle after being terrified about the driver

(Screenshot: YouTube/WBTV)

Terrified teen jumps out of moving  Lyft vehicle after being terrified about the drive and his actions.

How many boys flirted with you? He said that right away,” Eziya Bowden recalled, according to local news station ABC 11 in Raleigh North Carolina. “If I’m riding with a stranger, I’m always nervous, but I knew, this it was different. I knew that I wasn’t going crazy or anything, I knew that my body has never felt like that before. I’ve seen a lot of this so I knew I was feeling drugged.”

Bowden said the car smelled like cigarettes She said the driver sprayed something, and the odor subsided, but he persisted in spraying. She described starting to feel warm and disoriented. “But for you to keep spraying it, then roll your windows up, like, I know how it’s not about me being nervous or anything,” said Bowden, according to ABC 11. “I’m just like, I know how it made me feel.”


Bowden  admitted to being afraid and choosing to flee the vehicle by jumping since she didn’t want to fall asleep in it. She blacked out after opening the door, only remembering the landing and how afraid she was, according to Bowden, who claimed that it all occurred so quickly.

She claims that the driver never pulled over during that period. She said that while posing as an observer, he called the police on her behalf.

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