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Is Ron DeSantis edging past Donald Trump? New poll gives Florida Governor 7-point lead

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On Friday, popular national poll YouGov gave Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a 7-point lead over former President Donald Trump in a potential battle for Republican presidential candidate, in 2024. This is the first poll to gauge the popularity of a possible GOP presidential candidate in 2024, after the 2022 midterms. It is also the first poll since February 2016 that indicates a weakening dominance of Trump as leader of the Republican party.

The Friday poll indicated that 42 percent of Republicans as well as Independents who leaned towards the GOP preferred the Floridian Governor while 35 percent of those who were polled remained strong with the former president.

The poll was conducted between November 9 and November 11. This was after the midterm elections on Tuesday and 1500 Americans were polled. It included 413 self-identified Republicans as well as those who leaned towards the GOP. The margin of error of the sample was said to be 3 percent.

In October, before the midterms, there was a reversal in poll percentages in a survey conducted by the same YouGov poll. Last month’s poll results showed 45 percent of the GOP supported a third bid by Donald Trump while 35 percent polled for Ron DeSantis.

The midterm result was extremely favorable to the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who gained a 19-point lead over his rival in the gubernatorial elections. On the other hand, many hopeful candidates who stood for Congress as Republicans endorsed by Trump lost the elections or are trailing where results have not as yet been declared. Some high profile candidates endorsed by him have also lost the elections.

Just before the midterms, Donald Trump said that he had an important announcement to make but deferred it, to be made after the midterms. He is expected to make an announcement at his home, Mar-A-Lago, in Florida, on Tuesday . It is expected to be an official announcement that he is planning to run for the 2024 presidential election.

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