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Michigan woman uses glue instead of eye drops accidentally: seals eye shut but doctor opens it


A woman from Michigan had a close call when she used her bottle of nail glue instead of eye drops in the middle of the night as her dry eyes were causing discomfort. She realized that it was glue only after the first drop fell but by then it was too late and her eye was firmly shut. She tried to wipe the glue away but didn’t succeed. Luckily, the doctors were able to open her eye. They removed the glue-covered lens and her vision is fine.


The scratchy, burning feeling and irritation of dry eyes can be very uncomfortable. Eye strain from computer use, certain medical conditions, and smoky or windy environments are just a few dry eye causes. Lubricating eye drops—also called artificial tears—can help relieve this discomfort.


Yacedrah Williams related the entire horrifying incident to Detroit news agency WXYZ. She said that she felt her eyes were dry in the middle of the night and decided to remove her contact lenses. She reached for her bag and pulled out a bottle. Instead of a bottle of eye drops she pulled out an adhesive that is used for repairing broken nails.


As a drop fell from the bottle, instead of feeling the soothing lubricating effect of an eye drop, she was shocked to see her eye shut due to the sticky action of the glue. She tried to wipe it but it was too late. She shouted out to her husband to call 911.



In the meantime, she threw a lot of cold water but she didn’t succeed in prying open her eyelid. She rushed to the hospital where the doctors pried it open and removed the contact lens which was covered with glue.


Williams is fortunately doing well. She lost a few of her eyelashes but luckily didn’t lose her sight. The doctors said that the contact lens saved her vision. She added that they pulled on it and flipped the top of her lid.


Williams has learnt her lesson the hard way but promises not to repeat her mistake. She said that she would “never” keep nail glue and eye drops in the same purse again. She also said that she didn’t think that she would even have nail glue again.


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