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Miley Cyrus faces backlash from Twitter for promoting Elon Musk who will appear on SNL with her

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Last week, NBC announced that one of its longest aired shows Saturday Night Live (SNL) will feature Elon Musk and Miley Cyrus. This announcement surprised fans as the show rarely has billionaires or business hosts. Miley, a SNL veteran, posted on Twitter, promoting her appearance with him and faced a backlash from her fans. The cast also showed their displeasure with remarks on the choice of Musk as host but those posts were taken down quickly.


Fans of Miley Cyrus asked the pop star to delete her posts which promoted her appearance with Elon Musk. Some asked her to delete it, saying all will be forgiven if she does so, while others continued in the same vein saying that it was not too late to delete the exchange between her and Musk on Twitter.


Fans commented a lot showing their displeasure with Musk. One fan said that she (Miley) didn’t need to pretend to like him while another said that they wanted only Miley.



Miley Cyrus has appeared several times on Saturday Night Live. She hosted the show three times: in 2011, 2013 and 2015. She was also the musical guest in the last two shows. She’s been popular on the show, unlike Musk who has faced criticism, even before his maiden appearance on the show.


The singing star recently appeared in an April 2020 at-home episode. She sang a popular Pink Floyd hit, “Wish You Were Here.” She will be soon releasing collaboration with The Kid Laroi. The song is called “Without You” and is scheduled to be released on Friday.


Musk also faced a lot of criticism on TikTok recently. He has been called “a men’s rights activist” and has been accused of “destroying the planet” by many. He was robustly defended by his girlfriend singer Grimes. They have a child together.


Saturday Night Live featuring Elon Musk as the host and Miley Cyrus as the musical guest will air on May 8. It needs to be seen whether the tech billionaire can hold his own among the SNL’s audience and not his cronies and fans or whether the show will survive on the shoulders of the immensely talented musical sensation Miley Cyrus and the talented cast behind the popular show.


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