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Mixed Thoughts, After Watching the New Netflix Musical  Release of Musical The Prom



The new Netflix musical comedy, The Prom, is a lot of fun, reports say.

Directed by Ryan Murphy, the American comedy that was released on the OTT platform on Saturday, is an adaptation of a 2018 Broadway musical, is a story of love and inclusion. It is the story of a high school girl, Emma, who is not given permission to attend the dance with her girlfriend Alyssa. The movie depicts a clash of ideologies, when the school principal joins the fight against Mrs. Greene, the sinister PTA president who is also the mother of Alyssa.

Here are some reviews on the movie, some with raised eyebrows, and some that are just follow-up thoughts. There could have better choice for the role of Corden. Critics have complained that Murphy could have had someone other than a straight man to play the role of Barry. Corden’s gay man performance has been termed as “offensive”.

The movie reminds of Glee, also directed by the Murphy, where the colors used had the same vibrancy, the place is the same podunk town, and the backstory seems familiar too.

If Washington can roll out impressive pipes, where was she before now? The movie could have filmed a new song just for her.

The first prom set up looks fake! There were so hints that gave away that the prom did not look like a high school gymnasium. The characters took too long to put the pieces together and that too without getting hurt! Beats the audience.

Emma should have been given more screen time. The movie portrays too much on the Broadway actors, rather than Emma and Alyssa’s relationship.

There are too many musical numbers involving Emma’s friends, or rather bullies; leaves the audience confused about what to feel for them.

The choreography seemed to be far too good for small town homophobes; surprising indeed!

The audience is left was confused thinking why Emma wanted to take a girl to the prom.

The power of a PTA was indeed surprising. Could parents relate to the fact that the PTA head of the PTA walks around the town as if she was the mayor.

The final question: The Prom is the story of a 2010 Mississippi student who wanted to go to the prom with her girlfriend. The audience is musing whether the society was this open a decade ago.


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