Powerful tornadoes rip across the Midwest and South U.S., hundreds dead or injured

It is believed that a hundred people or more across the nation are dead or injured as storms and tornadoes ripped across the Midwest and South U.S., late Friday night. One twister traversed across four states, crossing approximately 100 miles on the ground. The quad-state tornado ripped through parts of Arkansas. Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky,

These furies of nature left death and destruction in their path and CNN meteorologist Gene Norman had noted that the “dynamic sprawling storm” would leave an impact on more than half of the nation. It was described as a “classic clash of air masses.”

According to the Storm Prediction Center, tornado watches were issued for

Central and Eastern Arkansas
Southern Illinois
Western Kentucky
Southeastern Missouri
Northwestern Mississippi
Western Tennessee.

Friday evening, a second tornado watch was issued for Missouri and Illinois.

Some of the major factories and areas that have been hit by the tornado where multiple people are feared to be dead include the following:

A candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky where over 100 people were working. An Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois, Monette Manor nursing home, in Monette, Arkansas.

Many other individuals homes, restaurants, stores, a court house and other buildings faced destruction. Individuals also died or were injured in these structures as the twister and storm ripped through swaths of the nation.

Early Saturday, rescue teams were sorting through rubble. Rescue efforts were slowed down as there was debris that blocked roads and other paths. Many buildings, federal, local and residential suffered immense damage and some buildings were totally flattened.

Sheriff Matt Sanderson confirmed that the severe winds derailed a train from its tracks in Hopkins County, Kentucky. He told WKYT-TV that they were “trying to assess what type of material” they had on that train.

He also said that two children in the Barnsley area were reported missing. They were found in a bathtub unscathed, away from the location of their house. They were returned to their mother after they had a miraculous escape and were found by rescuers.

By early Saturday, poweroutage website in the U.S., said that approximately 157,000 customers across six states in the nation had lost power.


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