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Queen Consort and Princess of Wales wear glittering tiaras worn by Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II

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Queen Consort, Camilla and the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton recently attended a state reception held at Buckingham Palace along with King Charles III and the Prince of Wales, Prince Harry. This was the first state banquet that was held after the Queen’s demise. The reception was a part of a State Visit by Cyril Ramaphosa, the president of South Africa. Both the royals wore glittering tiaras that were formerly worn by their respective mother-in-laws.

Kate Middleton wore a glittering tiara that belonged to Queen Mary. This crown called the Lover’s Knot Tiara was a favorite with Princess Diana. The new Princess of Wales, Kate also wore her mother-in-law’s diamond and pearl earrings. She wore a white dress that was embedded with gems.

Kate’s dress also looked similar to one that was worn by the people’s princess—Diana, the former Princess of Wales, in 1989, during a state visit to Hong Kong. Kate paid tribute to the late Queen by wearing a bracelet given by the Queen.


The Princess of Wales also wore a yellow brooch. It depicted Queen Elizabeth II. So did the the Queen Consort Camilla and Sophie, the Countess of Wessex. The brooches were gifted to them and 12 others by the late Queen and they wore them in her honor. Since women did not get commemorative medals like men, they have been gifted these brooches that signify that they are a part of the Royal Family Order.

Queen Consort Camilla looked radiant in a blue gown. She wore Queen Elizabeth’s tiara—the George VI Sapphire tiara as well as the late Queen’s sapphire necklace.

Prince Charles hosted the lavish banquet in honor of the South African president and his team. It was attended by some members of the royal family as well as senior political leaders. Prince Charles impressed the South African president by greeting him in several African dialects and also joked about the British weather.

Courtesy Royal Family

The banquet had a lavish spread, filled with different dishes and wines. However, the highlight, according to many, was a beautiful, edible flower created by chefs at the Palace. These chefs, who work at Buckingham Palace, created the national flower of South Africa called the Protea, with sugar and edible coloring.

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