San Francisco reports over 60 cases of ‘Delta Plus’ variant: Texas, Missouri, Florida hospitals at ‘breaking point’


On August 5, the Santa Clara Public Health Department reported that the county has detected 64 cases of the Delta plus variant. As delta variant cases rise across the nation, health experts are hoping that the new variant spreads less quickly and is contained as it may be more transmissible. As the variant is new and is limited as of now, sufficient research has not be carried out.


In a statement, county officials told CBS San Francisco that it was currently tracking the Delta variant as well as the Delta plus variant. They said that the new variant was present both in the state and in the nation. It also stated that there was no information whether the particular variant would be of more concern when compared with the original Delta variant.


Doctors say that it is difficult to predict variants and mutations as the coronavirus is going to continuously evolve and mutate as it is its basic nature to do so. However, all the doctors who spoke to the agency emphasized the importance of vaccinations. They said that mutations would increase and could  increase until the vaccination rates increase.


They also said that Delta plus was not the end of the mutations of the virus. It could continue mutating until it covered not only all the letters of the Greek alphabet but could cross the number of these alphabets. Incidentally the cold virus which is another common virus from time immemorial has had hundreds of mutations.


Despite centuries of research there is no cure for the common cold. If vaccinations, which have proved to be effective in controlling the coronavirus virus, despite mild breakthrough cases, do not increase, the chances of large number of mutations of the coronavirus remain and the next variant might just be worse that the earlier one.


Currently, the U.S. is seeing 100,000 new cases per day. The seven-day average of deaths due to COVID-19 is almost twice as much in two weeks from 270 to 500 a day, on Friday. Hospitals in Texas, Florida and Missouri are filled over capacity. The health system is once again getting stretched beyond its capabilities and is at “breaking point.”


The surge in cases due to the Delta variant is not only growing among the unvaccinated but is also infecting a larger number of children. According to data from the American Academy of Pediatrics almost 72,000 children and teenagers tested positive against COVID-19 in the week ending July 29.


There is no vaccine for child below the age of 12. Health officials and experts believe that these children should be placed in a protective bubble by ensuring that their parents and siblings are vaccinated. Family members should also ensure that these children should not come in contact with unvaccinated individuals in other environments as well. This could protect this vulnerable group until a vaccine is ready for them.

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