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Stem Player Company parts away from Kanye West, releases ‘Ye-Free’ Device, earlier device had celebrity’s Donda 2 album

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Alex Klein a tech entrepreneur known for his inventions, partnered with celebrity Kanye West to release a sand dollar shaped musical player exclusively with Ye’s 11th album Donda 2. However, this has become the newest partnership to break up, since Ye went on a prolonged anti-semitic rant on social media, interviews and more. Kanye has lost both friends as well as valuable business partners because of his comments.

The 32-year Londoner announced that his company Kano would no longer partner with the celebrity rapper. Alex Klein, who is half Jewish, said that he had been thrilled with what they had achieved with the Stem Player, initially but was later very angry at Ye’s actions and comments.

The young tech wizard said that he had begun an iteration with the device and now, any new artist could upload their music on the Stem Player.

In an email interview, the 32-year founder of Kano told the Los Angeles Times that he had found Kanye to be “very funny” as well as “super candid.” He added, “But this recent stuff is a lot different.”

Klein said that he had always been a fan of Kanye’s music and liked working with him as well as liked him as a person. He said that he was grateful for the time he spend with the rapper in Cody, Wyoming, during the making of Jesus Is King and described it as a “memorable time.”

Klein also said that they had disagreements as Kanye didn’t want other musicians on the Stem Player. He wanted to buy out the company as well as rights to the Stem Player but Klein was unwilling to sell.

Klein was taken aback by Kanye West’s anti-semitic remarks and was upset that his new product’s public face was toxic. When asked for the effect of Ye’s comments on him, personally, he said, “Those comments aren’t worth any further comment.”

Meanwhile, Alex Klein and Kano have gone ahead and developed a new edition of the Stem Player, without Kanye West. The newest Ye-free device is open to all artists and amateurs who can upload music or play with mixes.

The outlet also reported that Klein said, “Stem lets you customize music. You can turn down Ye’s voice if you like.”

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