Teen Texas shooter kills 19 children and two adults including young girl as she tries to call 911

On Tuesday, an 18-year old shot at kids at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. Nineteen kids from grade four and two teachers of the same grade were killed, in the same classroom at Robb Elementary when he opened fire. The young man, identified by Governor Greg Abbott as Salvador Ramos, opened fire using an AR-15. He had bought the gun legally, on his 18th birthday.

The young man shot children under the age of 11, one of whom was trying to call 911 on her phone. The heroic young girl was identified as Amerie Jo Garza. When she tried to call 911, he shot her instead of trying to destroy the phone or take it away from her.


Ramos had shot at his grandmother before he began his rampage at Robb, Elementary in Uvalde, Texas. He was stopped by a Border Patrol agent who was guarding a nearby post. He rushed to the school and shot the 18-year old. Although he was wounded, the agent managed to walk out of the school.


Wounded children were taken to two hospitals, one in San Antonio, where the shooter’s grandmother has been admitted and the other in the city of Uvalde. Authorities say that the death toll is expected to rise.

Salvador Ramos had a troubled childhood as his mother is allegedly a drug addict. He was bullied in school for several reasons including having “gay” tendencies, poverty and more. He dropped out of school and worked at a Wendy’s where workers described him as “quiet.”

President Joe Biden condemned the shooting and asked for stricter gun laws. Biden said it was time to translate “pain into action.” He ordered flags to fly at half-staff in honor of the dead.


Republican senator Ted Cruz of Texas repeated the usual response that restrictions on “constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens” that could prevent mass shootings “doesn’t work.” He said that armed officers must be placed at school campuses. Abbott, the governor of Texas and Cruz have been listed as speakers later this week at a forum held by the National Rifle Association in Houston, Texas.

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