Texas teen kills 21 in Robb Elementary School shooting: Parents and celebrities condemn gun availability

As details about the horrific mass massacre at Robb Elementary School that killed 21 and wounded many emerge, parents and celebrities are condemning the violence. They are angry at politicians who continue to respond with the Second Amendment rights as an 18-year old teen legally bought an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle and went on a shooting rampage in a classroom filled with fourth graders and teachers.

Parents are upset that it took 40 minutes to almost an hour for the entire shooting incident to end. The Border Petrol agents reportedly faced problems trying to open the locked classroom and it was finally opened by a staff member with a key. The shooter Salvador Ramos was shot by a Border Patrol agent after he killed 19 fourth graders, two teachers and critically wounded his grandmother whom he shot earlier and other students at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

Several celebrities reacted to the news with anguish and calls for bans on guns. They also slammed Republican politicians who termed criticism of the shooting as “politics.”

Many celebrities who spoke against the use of guns for such senseless massacres included
Country singer Tim McGraw
Taylor Swift
Alyssa Milano
LeBron James and many more.

Two native Texan celebrities Selena Gomez, 29 and Matthew McConaughey also spoke out against state and federal gun laws, after the mass massacre in their home state. Federal gun laws cannot be changed as all 50 Republicans and 2 Democrats in the Senate have been stalling bills that ask for tougher gun laws.

Selena Gomez wrote two lengthy posts on social media calling for reform of gun laws. She asked “those in power “ to take action instead of “giving lip service.”

Matthew McConaughey also posted several questions on how to look at a resolution to mass massacres in schools around the nation, as well as in Texas. The celebrity actor said that Americans have to “renegotiate our wants from our needs.”

Teen Texas shooter kills 19 children and two adults including young girl as she tries to call 911

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