Trump and allies begin political activities in preparation for the midterms 2022


Former President Donald Trump and his allies have started preparing for the midterms in 2022 as they hope to take back control of the House and the Senate. Trump has already endorsed a few candidates and has also begun negative campaigns against those GOP lawmakers who voted to impeach him. A couple of them have indicated that they may not stand for elections but those who are planning to fight for their seats in the Trump dominated GOP are beginning to feel the heat.


Trump is planning visits to both Iowa and Georgia. His allies have collected millions of dollars to help him, and he has also rapidly expanded his endorsements so that his candidates get support and backers, and their opponents get roasted in ad campaigns.


Although he began endorsing candidates in spring and summer, the pace is picking up after labor day. In addition to the conservative candidates who are standing against the Democrats, this time around he is endorsing those who have shown loyalty to him and as well as to those who are standing against the GOP lawmakers who voted to impeach him.


GOP strategist Scott Jennings told The Hill that the operating principle for Trump according to him was that he would be at the center of the elections and that he would try to be the “head of the Republican Party.”


GOP strategist Chip Lake told The Hill that he was not surprised to see Trump becoming more visible, becoming more active and conducting more political activities as the midterms approach.


Allies and consultants of Trump have begun campaigns against Liz Cheney, the representative from Wyoming and Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska. Both these Republican lawmakers have been vocal critics of Trump, especially after the January 6 insurrection as well as the baseless allegations that the vote was stolen from him.


Another candidate who is facing negative campaigning from Trump allies is the former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory. The Republican is running against a Trump backed candidate. The anti-tax Club for Growth has released a critical ad against him as he fights for an open seat for which the former president has already endorsed his choice of candidate.


Donald Trump is making himself and his candidates the focus of the midterm. This could well be a strategy that would lead up to the presidential elections in 2024. Keeping the focus on himself will also take it away from Republican hopefuls including current governors of Florida and senators in Texas, if the Republicans endorsed by him do well. Donald Trump will definitely try to take most if not all the credit for the all the Republican wins of 2022.



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