Uvalde mom tried to rush inside, was handcuffed, threatened if she spoke to media

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A Uvalde mom, Angel Rose Gomez, tried to rush in to a school in Uvalde, Texas. A lone, teen gunman locked a fourth grade classroom and killed 19 kids and two teachers in Robb Elementary School, in Uvalde. The mom was handcuffed by the police. She was also threatened that she could face a probation violation for obstruction if she continued to talk with the media. She ran in and brought her two kids to safety.

The heroic mom, who was concerned about the welfare of her kids, said that an officer called her and told her that she would face legal trouble over a charge against her that was made over 10 years ago. She refused to back down and said that she would continue to share her story with the media, after the judge ruling over the earlier case said that she was “brave” and she would be fine.

As time has passed after the tragic shooting of the students and staff, kids have been buried and families are facing their grief in the aftermath of the massacre. However, details of the initial inaction and late response of law enforcement continue to emerge as videos and other stories are shared.

Videos show that police cordoned the area. Parents are seen pleading with them to confront the shooter. Officers are seen shoving the desperate parents and holding tasers.

There has been a outcry across the nation about the mishandling of the shooting incident. Most reports say that the gunman was inside the school for more than an hour. Police have not responded to many questions asked by the media.

Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo has refused to release information about the investigation. Although he has been facing stinging criticism from almost everyone, he said that they have been in contact with DPS every day.”

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